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Le Creuset lifting belt – New Spring Collection

Le Creuset confidently state that they are known for ‘worldwide premium quality cookware!’ Being a huge fan and user of a number of different Le Creuset cookware items I can vouch for this top notch quality!
The issue is that this cast iron, high quality cookware is so solid that I often strain when moving the cookware from hob to kitchen side or work top to oven.
20140331-144137.jpg 20140331-144144.jpg
With this in mind I was delighted to purchase the new Le Creuset lifting belt. At just £39.99 this handy back support in my favourite volcanic shade is bound to be my new favourite kitchen accessory!

Here are a few of my Le Creuset favourites! What’s your favourite cookware item?





Google Food Comparison Tool

Have you checked out Google food comparison?20140331-132600.jpg

It is a handy tool to use if you want to double check that your “healthier” option really is better for you! I.e Tortilla crisps have more calories than popcorn but less carbs.20140331-133443.jpg

It’s also great for when you want to treat yourself as you can find out if your “low fat” option is in fact so high in salt and other gremlins that you may as well opt for the sweeter option!20140331-133315.jpg

The sky is the limit with this tool. When it comes to Continue reading Google Food Comparison Tool

TT Nails, Newmarket

East Anglia’s fastest manicure man – Andy Tran!

After Andy’s extensive nail and manicure training, he worked in busy London nail bars. Working on the finger tips of business women with money but no time – speed and accuracy was crucial!

Now Andy runs TT Nails in Newmarket. I love popping in to the salon to get my nails fixed, extended or designed by Andy. Despite the team, that consists of Andy and his wife, being rushed of their feet you will always be welcomed with a smile! What’s more, your extensions/infills and Gellish colour on top will take no more than 30minutes!

An acrylic full set costs £28.00 (£35.00 with Gellish on top!)

I have always been so pleased with Andy’s creations. Last week I decided to bravely jump into spring with this gorgeous pastel Easter shade of green!


TT Nails, Newmarket High Street 01638 666615

Clean Chicken Masala Curry


Here’s a recipe to another clean and really tasty dish. I absolutely love Indian food and this healthy clean version of a popular choice will not disappoint!

•Coconut milk. 1 Cup
•Lemon juice. 1tbsp
•Cumin. 2tbsp
•Cinnamon. 2tsp
•Garlic. 2tsp
•Onion. 2 finely sliced
•Garam masala. 1tbsp
•Corriander. 1tsp
•Ground ginger. 2tsp
•Tinned coconut milk. 2
•Chicken breasts. Portion for 2
•Tinned Tomatoes. 1
•Tomato Purée. 1tbsp

This literally couldn’t be easier! All you have to do is throw all of the ingredients above in a large pan and cook on a medium heat for approx 30 minutes. Remember to stir occasionally.

I tend to serve this with some green runner beans and a brown pitta bread!

Tonight we will be having this with a side of edamame beans! My absolute favourite clean and healthy snack!


Three Blackbirds, Woodditton

Using vouchers in restaurants and pubs can be an embarrassing experience. An ideal venue will subtly acknowledge your voucher, take it to the till and return quietly with any queries.

If you turn up to a chain restaurant without an available discount code then “more fool you!” Why pay more than the table next to you for exactly the same meal and service. This is similar to Groupon vouchers, if other diners are in the same restaurant, enjoying the same menu but paying less then you should be embarrassed for not being “money-smart” not for holding an A4 voucher.

Recently, we dined at the Three Blackbirds, Woodditton. With it being the “eve” of my birthday and having tweeted the pub about my trip on numerous occasions I was really quite excited!


I want to bypass the meal to tell you about the voucher code horror but credit where it’s due, the food was tasty.

My paté starter was huge and had a gorgeous texture and flavour. I then had the fish and chips. Big portions and tasty but it wasn’t exceptionally better than dishes at other pubs in the area. I do wonder if pubs should reduce prices during the week as you are certainly not paying for the buzzing atmosphere. The fish and chips were a very reasonable price, costing under £11.00. Excluding vegetarian dishes (and the steak options) the average main course works out at £15.03. A price that I think is suitable for a Friday – Sunday meal and evenings entertainment.


Despite purchasing the three course Groupon voucher we were too full to opt for a dessert so simply had one of their rich and delicious coffee’s instead.

Time for the bill…

It turns out that when on the Groupon mobile app you have to scroll to the very bottom of the page, past the fine print and even under the map (!) to see that it says the voucher will only be valid if you mention it when booking.

There were just three tables occupied on the Tuesday evening that we visited. “Emailer” and I presume bar manager, Joe told us that this was the protocol due to availability on the night. The cynic in me can’t help but wonder if that means you are given a separate menu or smaller portions… but I am sure that’s not the case.

Rather than honouring the voucher as the iPhone app did not make the clause clear AND it was my Birthday (!) Joe continued the rather humiliating charade by going upstairs for 5 minutes to print out the web version which did clearly state this comment! Thankfully the pub was now empty so this was all only witnessed by my partner. Poor Gareth never has been “one” for voucher codes so was practically under the table whilst thrusting his credit card in the air just wanting to pay and leave!

I feel it is unfair to somewhat negatively review a venue without contacting the team after the event. Joe has since said that he will contact Groupon to make sure the mobile app version is clearer and that I can have a glass of “bubbly” on my return. I appreciate that this was partly my fault due to my misreading of the bizarre mobile app layout but I really think that on this occasion, any complaints from the pub could have been directed to Groupon rather than affecting us.

Where does this leave me? Well I do still have a valid Groupon voucher, the food is tasty and the 17th century pub itself is gorgeous. With this in mind, when I have stopped blushing I will return as I would quite like to try more options on the menu.

Don’t worry though, I will remember to tell them about my Groupon voucher before hand!

The Horses Mouth Mother’s Day Gift Guide

mum (2)

Mother’s Day

March 30th 2014

This year I am encouraging you all to BUY LOCAL! I’ve walked the length of Newmarket high street and sniffed out some great offers to keep your Mum sweet this Mother’s Day!

Fully Body Massage and Express Facial at Bren Pauls (£30.00 Saving!)

Treat your Mum to a full body massage and express facial for just £40.00 (RRP £70.00) You know how highly I think of this fabulous Beauticians as i’m “sure” you have all read my HD Brows blog. Call the lovely ladies on 01638 664441.

3 Course Lunch at  Paddocks House

Are you a luxury seeker? Endulge in a delicious 3 course lunch for just £29.95 per head. What’s more, on entering Paddocks House you will get to introduce you Mum to Gorgeous George the Butler! IMG_7357

Blue Leather Bucket Bag

Spoil your Mum with this blue leather bucket bag from Busy Bee, Newmarket. This nifty bag can also be shaped with its handy pull cords so that it forms a cube shape too. My shopping logic tells me that this is practically 2 for 1! bbee

Sophie Allport Gift Set

Drop by Rocking Rabbit to pick up a stunning Sophie Allport gift set. The kitsch designs on the aprons, tea towels and oven glove will keep your mother effortlessly stylish and spotless when in the kitchen. Aprons approx £15.00 SAllport

Mother & Child Photoshoot

When did you last have a “nice” family photo taken? I’m forever taking Selfie’s of my Mum, Sister and I but I love the thought of treating my Mum to a professional shoot without my forearm being stretched out in front of me in the shot! For £75.00 you can enjoy a 1 hour photoshoot at Million Dollar Faces. mdf

Clean Orange and Ginger Beef Stir fry

photo 1

•Frying Beef Strips

•1 tsp Garlic (chopped)

•2 tsp Ginger

•1 tbsp Soy Sauce

•2 tbsp Orange juice

•1 Orange

•1 tsp Coconut Oil

•1 Pack of Stir Fry Veg (or chop up your own)

photo 2

This recipe takes no more than 15 minutes and tastes delicious.

Add the coconut oil to the pan. Once melted throw in the beef with all of the ingredients apart the veg and orange. Cook beef to your liking.

Pour the veg into the pan and cook for a few minutes. Grate some orange grind into the pan.

Finally  put the food onto a plate and squeeze some fresh orange juice on top.

Cottos, Cambridge

With a plethora of family-run, chain and bistro style restaurants, it is not hard to find somewhere to dine near Cambridge but if you want an eatery that can proudly boast wonderful ‘ locally sourced food” in a friendly and intimate location then you may have to dig a little deeper.

Haven’t got time to do that? Just read on…

Cotto’s, Cambridge with Master chef Hans Scweitzer.

“Our traditional handcrafted way using natural ingredients.”

A hidden gem situated on East road, Cambridge. I highly recommend Cottos for its locally sourced and perfectly seasonal dishes!

The staff are polite and happy to supply a steady, constant flow of their homemade selection of buttery and delicious bread once you have enjoyed your bubbles and intricate canapes.


Cottos is open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. 3 courses costs £50 with an extra £5 charge on a Saturday evening.cotto

Each member of our party thoroughly enjoyed their dish. The scallops in particular were delicious! Why not stretch your courses even further. Hans expertise in chocolate means that the chocolate desert dish is one not to miss. It’s certainly big enough to share between two and means that you can also order the plentiful and proudly British selection of cheeses! Mmm, Wobbly Bottom!

Images courtesy of the Cottos Website: