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WIN a month’s supply of Asda Little Angels Nappies

Enter a Rafflecopter giveaway to WIN a month’s supply of Asda Little Angels Nappies!

This month we have tried out the Asda Little Angels, Comfort & Protect nappy range. Featuring deliciously, chunky thighs I am always conscious that nappies aren’t too tight for AB but equally poo explosions and wee leaks are one of my biggest nightmares! Asda Little Angels, Comfort & Protect nappies have an incredibly soft, elasticated back panel and the size 3 fits 5 month, 15lb AB like a dream. Their claim to offer “12-hour dryness” is accurate too! Even when shopping in Asda, it is incredibly tempting to buy brands such as Pampers but now I have tried Asda Little Angels I wont be steering away again. 18575638_10211440410198584_976340461_o One of my favourite features is their ‘I’m growing…. next size up please’ tabs. If the tabs fasten comfortably in the coloured area then the fit is ‘just right’, but when the tabs start to move to the white area, this means your little one is ready for the next size up.

The new Little Angels Comfort & Protect range is available in sizes 3, 4, 4+, 5, 5+, 6, and 6+ and are priced from £3.50 per pack.

Enter a Rafflecopter giveaway to WIN a month supply of Asda Little Angels Nappies!

Baby Groups in Newmarket

We are so lucky to have many different baby groups, classes and support sessions in Newmarket.

I’ve highlighted a few of the fitness, messy, fun, sensory, support and Daisy groups in the Newmarket area and will do my best to keep this updated.

None of the classes below need to be booked – simply turn up! (Apart from Daisy classes which need to be booked through Helen here)



An open letter to my childless friends. With love, a new Mum

I want to share the best bits with you and distract you from the worst. I want to tell you to sleep, indulge, relax (enjoy being braless and able to jump) and be selfish while you can but this isn’t about that – it’s not really about our little one, it’s about us, me and you!

Sorry for the way I have let our friendships deteriorate. Once so keen, interested, and proactive and now so, so…. well, distracted.

All of a sudden, you are handed a gooey bundle by the midwife and your title changes. Are you; ‘YOU, Mum, Wife’ or ‘Mum, Wife, YOU’ or ‘Wife, Mum, YOU’ etc… As to be expected, the pecking order changes, your identity changes and your friends’ opinion of you changes.

To the friends that have been so giving! Within four short months we have received baby shower gifts, baby arrival gifts, Christmas gifts, Christening gifts and so many “just because” gifts. We are so thankful for your generosity and kindness. As parents we are going to have to work hard to teach our little one to be very grateful, as it is clear that she is so loved and oh so very spoilt.

To the friends that carry on regardless – I get it! Why change your routine because we decided to have children? Being the one that liked to arrange the social events and regularly get friends together, it’s a culture shock to see your #BestGirls Instagram posts, Facebook updates and Snapchats. But I promise that I do “get it!” Don’t call me and certainly don’t leave me a voicemail, don’t send a text that requires a lengthy reply, don’t send a Whatsapp voice message that might disturb a calm baby and don’t send a snapchat that I will miss and can’t replay…the list goes on.

I know I make things hard for you and myself! Trying to be the best Mum I can be means that other things slide; the laundry, my beauty regime and friendships.

Please don’t stop trying to reach out to new Mums – I may not reply but continue to contact me on as many different forms of social media as possible and as often as you can. Despite being incredibly caught up in my own world of spit up, babble, lack of sleep and dirty nappies, I try to listen and hear what you’re telling me about your life too – honest.

To the friends that always persevere. Thank you for always asking how I am, and when I don’t reply, you try and ask me again. You update me with your news without expecting a response. You fill me in with your gossip and you always show me that you care. Believe me, I love to her about your dating experiences, career news, exciting excursions and gossip and I am so grateful that you at least pretend, to care about my nipples, nappies and napping troubles.

To the friends that make themselves present and seen. So long, boozy bank holidays, lavish weekend breaks and sporadic plans. Thank you to those that choose and want to now spend times having disturbed lunches, walks in the countryside and interrupted conversations in our lounge – let’s face it we will always provide wine and/or gin and you are more than welcome to indulge in as many baby cuddles as you wish!

Dear childless friends, you might be one of these, some of these or even none of these but THANK YOU for being patient, supporting and so valuable.

A new Mum


Newmarket Baby Group: Daisy Baby – Tinies


What is it? Daisy Baby  – Tinies with Helen Plumb

“Our uniquely integrated class for mum and baby where baby massage, baby yoga, baby reflexology and calming techniques are delivered alongside educational themes which will be relevant to the babies developmental milestones. Classes progress from our rhythmic and relaxing Tinies on to the colourful and lively Wrigglers. Classes also incorporate yoga-based movement, relaxation and support for mum.”

Where is it? Tesco Community Space, Newmarket

How much is it? £36 for six weeks

When is it? Friday’s at 11am in Newmarket (Or Tuesday’s at 11am over in Isleham)

Where to park? Lots of free parking is available in the Newmarket Tesco Car Park

Pro’s: Great chance to learn a new skill (baby massage) whilst taking a calm hour to bond with your baby. The wonderful Helen is the perfect group leader too – providing helpful information, sharing her Daisy knowledge and her own personal baby experiences!

Con’s: If your baby sleeps through the class you do feel like a bit of a lemon – but that’s the same with most baby classes.

What did AB think to it? She loves the baby massage and rhymes. She wdaisyfoundationill only “coo” when she feels secure and comfortable and she is particularly vocal during the Daisy Tinies classes. AB also always has a really solid nap after being massaged in the class.

What did Mummy think to it? We have now added the Daisy baby massage technique into our bed time routine in between AB’s bath and story time/night-time feed. The accompanying nursery rhymes help tired mummy’s remember the order and method of the massage.

Was any cake involved? No… although you do walk through the bakery to get to the community room and the group tend to head to the coffee shop afterwards! Helen does make all guests a cup of tea or coffee on arrival.

Score out of 10: 10/10

Are you a breastfeeding Mummy: At the end of the class, Helen encourages Mum’s to lay back and relax/meditate with their baby. I always take the chance to give AB a lying down feed whilst listening to Helen’s dulcet tones.  

Daisy Baby – Tinies with Helen Plumb

WIN a 60 minute massage with The Lavender Clinic – suitable for pregnancy


If you Google “Pregnancy massage Newmarket” it is no surprise that The Lavender Clinic is one of the top hits to appear on the page in front of you!

I met the talented massage therapist, Melanie back in December when I was treated to a pregnancy massage during my third trimester. With tight water retention and an aching lower back, I wish that I had booked up more 60 minute pregnancy massages with Melanie from The Lavender Clinic – particularly as she charges just £35 and is mobile.

Setting up in the comfort of my own home in Newmarket, Melanie released my back tension and eased the pain in my legs from having water retention. Pregnancy massage was a wonderfully natural way to ease my pregnancy ailments.

The Lavender Clinic’s Melanie offers pregnancy massage to Newmarket mummys-to-be over sixteen weeks pregnant.  Amongst many benefits, massage during pregnancy may help to alleviate:

  • Muscle tension
  • Muscle spasm and cramping
  • Sciatic pain
  • Swelling oedema
  • Back, neck and shoulder discomfort caused by hormonal and postural changes
  • Stress

It can also help to:

  • Improve the quality of sleep
  • Reduce headaches
  • Relieve heartburn
  • Balance mood-swings and help depression.

WIN a 60 minute full body massage or pregnancy massage. 

Massage available in Newmarket, villages within 8 miles of Newmarket, Soham, Ely and Fordham. Terms and Conditions can be found via the Rafflecopter link. 

Breastfeeding in Newmarket

I appreciate that some people can’t and respect that others might not want to but I am such a huge breastfeeding advocate! Read some of the benefits here.
Breastfeeding is by far the most challenging but rewarding task I have ever done. Latches, blocked ducts and painful let downs were just a few challenges I faced (and by the sounds of things I got off lightly) but this pain was nothing when compared to the priceless one on one moments I share with AB whilst I fill her with the very best nutritents the world can offer. (In six weeks AB has already gained over 3lbs!)

Don’t struggle-Get local support in Newmarket 

The lovely Hannah became a Newmarket Mum in September 2016 and has recently set up a closed Facebook group called “Newmarket Breastfeeding Support Group.” Search for the group on Facebook and join us!

The group promotes a Newmarket weekly breastfeeding coffee morning where Mums can “meet up, have a drink, talk about boobs and feed…in a safe space.” Come along on a Wednesday between 10:00 and 11:30 at The Stables on Newmarket high street.

Also worth mentioning is BellyBelly, an Australian site that I have used a lot both during pregnancy and now. They offer broad advice on many topics including breastfeeding.

Newmarket Mother’s Day Restaurant Guide


If you want to treat your Mum to the perfect Mother’s Day you must make a Newmarket booking pronto! Sunday March 15th is fast approaching and if your Mum is even half the incredible woman that my Mum is, I’m sure you are keen to spoil her rotten this Mother’s Day.

Newmarket offers a huge range of restaurants and cafes to choose from and I have pulled together some of my favourite menus on offer this Mother’s Day.

Whether you are choosing your Mother’s Day treat based on budget, location or reputation, the Newmarket restaurant list below should help!

Nancy’s Tea room 

IMG_1302Nancy’s Breakfast tier £12.00 to share!

Mother’s Day afternoon tea from 12.00 – 17.00  £17.50

Kings Restaurant, Newmarket 

Three Course Menu including Coffee 12.00 – 16.00 £32.50

Rhubarb, Newmarket 

A dedicated “European experience” menu is available all Sunday. 2 courses £20.00 or 3 courses £25.00

Squires restaurant at Bedford Lodge Hotel, Newmarket 

A ‘delicious’ lunch in the Bedford Loge, award-winning Squires Restaurant. 3 courses £45.00

La Hogue 

With half of tables already reserved, La Hogue are offering 2 courses £17.95 or 3 courses £22.95

Packhorse Inn

This gorgeous country pub is not offering a set Sunday menu but starters cost between £7.00 and £9.00 whilst mains cost between £16.00 and £18.00

Paddock’s House – The House Collection

IMG_1304Mother’s Day Lunch is served at both Poets House and Newmarket’s Paddocks House. The package includes a glass of ‘Fizz’ for all mums and the pleasure of a live Jazz band (The Gravy train) from 12 – 2pm! 3 courses £35.00 (What’s more, kids under 12 are half price!)


Pantry, Newmarket

The lovely Pantry is offering a Mothers Day Champagne Brunch and a Mothers Day Lunch Set lunch.

Kirtling Red Lion

Hazel and Steve are offering their popular Sunday lunch for £12.95 and their home-made starters and puddings at the usual price of £5.95.

Aladdin – Panto season continues


I’m currently mid way through my first show run in 7 years! Is there a better way to get back into the swing of “AM DRAM” than playing the part of a princess in a Panto!

Aladdin is on at Kings Theatre, Newmarket until Saturday 17th January and is a must see.

It’s not too late to pick up a last minute ticket so book now!


How to put the Gingle back into Christmas with a house full of adults

I recently read a (sarcastic) article on Buzzfeed called “23 Ways To Make Christmas Magic When You’re A Grown-Up”

The light hearted post definitely put a smile on my face (once the GIF’s had finally loaded) but the subject was one I had often thought of during the run up to Christmas. The festive season definitely changes as the children turn into young, or not so young, adults! Beautiful babies are entering into a few of our friends families now but the youngest member of the Horncastle family is 15 and to be honest sometimes she is the most mature one!

This year there will be nine of us sitting up at my Mum and Dad’s dining table on Christmas day and I’m not sure which one of us is most excited about it. I have siblings that I often mistake as my best friends, the perfect other half, an in-law I adore, parents that are incredible and the most wonderful grandparents… but none of them are likely to squeal with delight at the thought of Santa coming down the chimney nor will they receive endless games and toys that we can spend all day building and playing with.

So why am I not worried about a possible lack of festive giddiness? Putting the gingle back into Christmas


Not only will my Mum prepare the tastiest Christmas lunch with every trimming possible but each couple will bring a Gin with its relevant condiment.

Spoiler alert: The boy and I plan to bring our favourite gin, Caorunn which is best enjoyed with red apple.

I’m quite confident that this liquid delight will make this a Christmas not to forget but perhaps also one we will struggle to remember!

Another sure-fire way to get into the Christmas spirit this year is to have a PANTO to look forward to and guess what?! I will be playing Princess Jasmine in NOMADS 2015 pantomime, Aladdin. The Saturday matinee is already sold out so be quick to buy your tickets here:

Newmarket Kings Theatre announces first comedy gig of 2014

Repost: Newmarket Kings Theatre Facebook Page

Saturday 7th June for one night only…

Newmarket Kings Theatre is delighted to announce our first comedy gig of 2014, featuring our very own Eric Lampaert!


Eric, who grew up in Newmarket and was a regular on the Kings Theatre stage in his younger days, will be performing his latest stand-up comedy in readiness for his show at the Edinburgh Festival.

The show also features two of Eric’s hilarious comedy pals, Rhys James & Dan Schreiber.

NKT is truly fortunate to be hosting such hilarious acts. This is not a night to be missed, so book now to ensure you don’t miss out!

On Eric:
“★★★★ He makes it look so easy. This is a man with very funny bones” – DAILY EXPRESS
“★★★★ Likeable and enjoying, sweeping up the audience in the sheer energy of his performance. The strength of his scatty character rips through the room like a mini-hurricane” – CHORTLE
“★★★★ Superb banter that was clearly improvised. The sign of a good comedian” – THREE WEEKS
“★★★★ Delightfully Weird” – TIME OUT

On Dan:
“…he’s smart on stage, too, with a penchant for quirky true stories, such as the feeble attempts to explain away Kung Fu star David Carradine’s death by auto-erotic asphyxiation… he has funny bones, and an engagingly upbeat delivery in which to package his borderline nerdy concerns” – CHORTLE

On Rhys:
“Sickeningly talented young stand-up. He’s a super-sharp writer, with a ton of smart, intricately-written jokes and stories where you’re never more than a few seconds away from another punchline.” – Time Out
“His hit rate is prodigiously high … A bright future in comedy surely awaits”- FEST