Exercise After Birth – Core Harmony Fitness

What exercise did you do “after” birth?
I felt like I was ready for the exercise mentally before I was physically and just wish I explored the reasons why rather than excepting that my body / pelvic floor wasn’t ready!
Regardless of how long ago you had children, local Newmarket fitness programmes created by Core Harmony Fitness are perfect for post natal ladies to safely and effectively restore and rehabilitate the core from the inside out.
So many Mums get told “it’s normal” to have a poor functioning core after birth but this doesn’t have to be the case. Sadie’s fitness classes are a safe and informative way to build back strength following child birth, pelvic surgery or during menopause.
Building strength and fitness following childbirth requires sensitivity and specailised care and this is exactly what you can expect from Newmarket’s Core Harmony Fitness.
Give her a follow for further information and class details.
The new pay as you go classes will start at Red Lodge Sports Pavilion
Wednesday 2nd Sept 10-11am and every Wednesday afterwards
Also, spaces still available for ELY Thursdays 7-8pm
Core Harmony Fitness
Core Harmony Fitness

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