Google Food Comparison Tool

Have you checked out Google food comparison?20140331-132600.jpg

It is a handy tool to use if you want to double check that your “healthier” option really is better for you! I.e Tortilla crisps have more calories than popcorn but less carbs.20140331-133443.jpg

It’s also great for when you want to treat yourself as you can find out if your “low fat” option is in fact so high in salt and other gremlins that you may as well opt for the sweeter option!20140331-133315.jpg

The sky is the limit with this tool. When it comes to “Clean Eating” you can even make sure that you are opting for the healthiest spice to add to your dish! 20140331-133049.jpg

Visit and simply type two foods into the search bar with “v’s” in between. Have a go!

1 thought on “Google Food Comparison Tool

  1. So cool! I never knew you could do this!! There are also a few phone apps in case your in the grocery store and need a healthier option. I love that too! I pick up a jar of nutella, scan it, and hope I can justify my purchase by seeing there’s no healthier chocolate hazelnut spread option. Haha joking of course. Thanks for sharing this tool!


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