Mummy MOT – How Are You?

When was the last time you checked to see how YOU actually are? Are you sure you have recovered postnatally? Every Mother needs this check up and whether you had your child 6 weeks or 6 years ago you will benefit from it. 

PhysioFit’s Mummy MOT

How was your 6 week postnatal check with the GP? I was barely touched and the main concern/focus was which contraception I would be choosing.

It’s time to consider Postnatal Physio in Newmarket and Physio Fit offers an ideally Mummy MOT option.

Trained Physio Henriette is a breath of fresh air. She is interested, thorough, in-depth and has a way about her that will make you feel so comfortable and open. (A good trait for her to have considering the intimacy of part of the examination – if you wish!)

After childbirth I was frequently left questioning “is this normal?” Sometimes the answer was YES but even if a weaker pelvic floor or back ache was “common” for new Mums, visiting PhysioFit meant it didn’t mean that it had to be a long-lasting issue.

The Mummy MOT by PhysioFit Newmarket is held in a gorgeous treatment room on All Saints Road. You can discuss and review as many or as little areas of your own health as you wish but the 45 minute check is a unique and wonderful opportunity to get the attention that you as a Mum and human deserve.

Newmarket’s Mummy MOT costs £70 and comes highly recommended. Take a look at their website and drop them a message for more details and to find out what they can offer you.

A Mummy MOT includes:

*A full postural screen

*An examination of your pelvic floor muscles

*An assessment of your abdominal muscles and measurement of any separation (diastasis recti)

*Screening for bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction

*An effective postnatal rehabilitation exercise programme tailored to your physical needs and fitness goals

*Scar management

*Education and advice about safe techniques for lifting, feeding, carrying … even pushing a buggy

*A bespoke ‘return to sport’ training programme

It doesn’t matter how baby arrived; C-section, episiotomy or assisted delivery – as new Mums our bodies have been through a lot and the damage from the stress can be corrected during the Mummy MOT with PhysioFit. Plus it doesn’t stop there PhysioFit also offer  Postnatal Pilates and treatment for Sports Injuries.  You can find out more about the Mummy MOT and other services on their website here:

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