Paddocks House, Six Mile Bottom.

Introducing Paddocks House

I was delighted to be invited to Paddocks House last night to enjoy their “Meet the Neighbours” press night. The event was to celebrate the offerings and arrival of both Paddock’s House and sister hotel, Poets House. Both owned by The House Collection.IMG_7359

Once seated in the study, a comfortable room with enticing fabrics and furniture. We were told that we would be taken on a journey and WOW, what a  four hour luxurious journey it was.


On arriving at Paddock’s House there is an immediate stylishly sumptuous feel to the whole place. It is at the entrance that you meet the wonderful butler, George Telford. Gorgeous George has an incredible past that he will quite happily share with guests. This suited package of cheekiness and charm almost deserves an entire blog post to himself.  I’m keen to tell you about his training with the one and only Backstairs Billy, William Tallon, his dedicated 30 year service to a Greek family, 3 year service to Tom Hanks and connections to Robbie Williams, One Direction, Princess Anne, HRH Queen and a Beatles star but it is a conversation best had with George himself!

In a nutshell, George could single-handedly create a warm and welcoming ambiance to satisfy most guests but Paddocks House pull out far more surprises than just George. Every member of staff that we met and watched in action was inspired and incredibly intelligent in their selected field. What’s more, the entire team, from Director, Ian Cross and management to bar staff and porters seem to have a refreshingly friendly and equal relationship.

Liquid History

If history was always served in a chilled glass, filled to the brim with something juicy and tasty with a delicate garnish on the side then I could tell you much more about a subject I always felts was a weak point.


As guests we were treated and educated by expert mixologist’s, Viorel Rujion and Katie Veitch. It’s with confidence that I can recommend Viorel’s cocktails if you are visiting sister location Poets House but if you are in the mood for cocktails at Paddocks House you are in for a real treat. This Scottish mixologist and Bar manager proudly gives a “feminine twist to traditionally manly spirits” such as Whisky. “Regal Jack” is a fruity and feminine cocktail made with Whisky. It was created for us on the evening but it is with great pleasure that the mixologists will create this delicious drink again for you should you wish to try it. Another plus point is that you can enjoy these cocktail in the effortlessly cool bar area.

Dinner is served

We were lucky enough to have our taste buds tantalized by a number of dishes allowing us to explore all areas of the Paddocks House menu. From afternoon tea and alfresco to dining room dishes and cheese courses the food was quite simply stunning.
















Rich in flavours without being over powering and so elegantly displayed, dining at Paddocks House is like no other dining experience I have had in East Anglia.

“Rolled on this thigh of…”



Paddocks House will soon find a member of staff as knowledgeable as Food and Bar manager from Poets House, Isvan Melnecsuk. Istvan, a charming expert, will find out your tastes, explore your interests and then offer guests a suitable cigar suited. The cigars are priced between £10 and £20.

Time for bed with George


Not only does George offer a service to unpack for you he will also run your wonderful, statement bath and turn down your bed before you retire for the evening! Each bedroom is sultry and intimate showing the perfect mix of glamour and elegance. IMG_7365IMG_7366

What are you waiting for?

The main menu in the intimate dining room offers a fantastic range of dishes. Other menu’s throughout the hotel offer elegant and unique twists to British favourites such as a trio of burgers!

The entire offering at Paddocks House is an eclectic mix of atmospheric rooms.


Some locations offer high end luxury and quirky decor but fail to achieve a true boutique sensation. Paddocks House succeeds in being a chic boutique retreat in tranquil surroundings!

4 thoughts on “Paddocks House, Six Mile Bottom.

  1. Paddocks house looks beautiful. I’m so pleased that such a beautiful building has been put to good use. Feel this would be the perfect get away for a weekend of luxury with the husband.
    The food looks divine!
    Lovely read. Thank you Lauren.


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