Parenting in Newmarket

After almost ten years working in PR and Marketing I became a Mummy to my bold, IMG_0475blonde AB shortly followed by ‘Little Red’ Margot. So from sporadically working on a local Newmarket / lifestyle / food blog I decided to kick start a Newmarket Mummy blog – because, let’s face it, when you’re a new mum, that’s all you can think about, right?

I will blog about the little stuff and big stuff that helps make up family life here in the working horsey town between Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds. That’s Newmarket, where I live with my sport fanatic, Ironman husband and little sleep thieves/time wasters!IMG_6316


Then came the Facebook page. You can join us on “The Horses Mouth NKT – Parenting in Newmarket” to discuss all things relevant. Promote your local businesses/groups, share your experiences, leave reviews and support other parents but above all remain polite and respectful (to me too please!)

Sometimes we chat baby groups, sling reviews and sleeping tips… other times we discuss decent local hairdressers and where to go on those rare child-free evenings. There aren’t strict rules but I like to try and keep things local and fair.

Blog Posts

Mummy MOT – Postnatal physio in Newmarket and Cambridge

Montessori inspired playrooms in Newmarket

Exercise After Birth – Core Harmony Fitness

Children’s Swimming Lessons in Newmarket reopen after COVID-19

Seven things I wish I knew before giving birth in Newmarket

Keeping Baby and Mum cool in the hot weather

An open letter to my childless friends, love a new Mum

Baby Groups in Newmarket

Don’t mention the ‘S’ Word – SLEEP

Donating breast milk to local milk banks

Breastfeeding in Newmarket

Newmarket Baby Groups: Fairstead House Nursery Rhymes

Newmarket Baby Groups: Daisy Baby – Tinies

Newmarket Baby Groups: Breastfeeding Support Group

Helpful Numbers for Newmarket Mums

Newmarket Nurseries

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