Newmarket Foals

16507374_10210541496806311_332895921_nAfter almost ten years working in PR and Marketing I became a Mummy to the gorgeous “AB”. So from sporadically working on a local Newmarket / lifestyle / food blog I have decided to kick start a Newmarket Mummy blog – because, let’s face it, when you’re a new mum, that’s all you can think about, right?

I will blog about the little stuff and big stuff that helps make up family life here in the working horsey town between Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds. That’s Newmarket, where I live with my sport fanatic, Ironman husband and little sleep thief/time waster AB!

Blog Posts

Seven things I wish I knew before giving birth in Newmarket

Keeping Baby and Mum cool in the hot weather

An open letter to my childless friends, love a new Mum

Baby Groups in Newmarket

Don’t mention the ‘S’ Word – SLEEP

Donating breast milk to local milk banks

Breastfeeding in Newmarket

Newmarket Baby Groups: Fairstead House Nursery Rhymes

Newmarket Baby Groups: Daisy Baby – Tinies

Newmarket Baby Groups: Breastfeeding Support Group

Helpful Numbers for Newmarket Mums

Newmarket Nurseries


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