Bren Pauls Beauty – Wax, chat, and always go back!

Newmarket’s gorgeous beauty salon (and my favourite waxers), Bren Pauls have launched their website.

Offering a full range of waxes for both men and women, I regularly pop along for waxing and to have a catch up with the lovely Michelle and Sasha.

The interior decor is glam but has a feel that welcomes both sexes.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing pamper session or a less-painful-than-you-might-think waxing session make the effort to book in to  Bren Pauls, Newmarket!

Each time I have my eyebrows “done” I am surprised by how much my facial shape changes! When will I learn that this is a treatment that I need to regularly keep up with. I have never fallen into the trap of waxing or shaving (!) my eyebrows into a skinny slug like shape on my face but the flip side of this is that perhaps I have had years of bushy brows!

During one trip to Bren Paul’s, Michelle gave me “HD Brows.” -What a phenomena!

Before the treatment, Michelle explained that  HD Brows is actually a  treatment, developed to leave with you the best brows for your face.
1526819_10202128026074801_417703135_n Results of my HD Brow experience!
The steps experienced are as follows – 

1) Consultation – Michelle will chat to you to determine which brow shape will best suit your face and what colour your brows should be.

2) Tinting –Unlike me,  if you have over-plucked brows, Michelle will will tint your brows to match your natural colour. As it was my first HD treatment Michelle gave me a light greyish black colour. My brows are naturally quite dark so next time I am ready to go a little darker to achieve an even more striking effect! The dye is left on for a matter of minutes and then simply wiped off gently.

3) Waxing – Ankles are a no-go area for waxing for me but I find eyebrow waxing pain free. Both Michelle and Sasha are so quick and skilled that by the time i’ve started to recall my latest “interesting” story I want to share with them, they are finished! Michelle will then wax your brows to create the perfect arch for your face shape.

4) Trimming –Michelle then gently combs and trims your brow to ensure that each single hair perfectly sits in place.

5) Tweezing – My least favourite part of any waxing experience but lucky for Bren Pauls clients it is always a quick step of any treatment.

This is my favourite treatment to have done! HD Brows completely changes my look and has honestly lasted around 2 and a half months before (now) it is ready to be done again. It is great value for money and something I highly recommend.

Michelle or Sasha can be contacted on 01638 664441

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