Don’t Mention the ‘S’ Word – SLEEP

My latest article over on Huffpost – Don’t Mention the ‘S’ Word – SLEEP

…Why It’s Best Not To Admit When It’s Going Well

At the “Breastfeeding Support Group“ that I attend on a weekly basis, mums get support if they are having nipple troubles, latching issues or pumping disasters but they will also be celebrated and congratulated if breastfeeding and milk donating is going well.

On the popular Facebook group “Can I breastfeed in it? UK“ I recently shared a photograph of myself in a dress that I had purchased from Asos. I received hundreds and hundreds of ‘likes’, ‘loves’ and comments telling me how gorgeous, classy, fabulous and well I looked. Their kindness blew me away.

Mummy friends, whether online or in reality are great – they are so supportive, right?

From these two experiences you can see why I was lulled into a false sense of “it’s-okay-to-speak-honestly” security.

“Is AB sleeping well now that she has moved into her own room?’, I was asked. I told the (perhaps sleep-deprived) mummy’s in front of me that she was indeed sleeping well. Incredibly well in fact – 12 hours plus each night after simply falling asleep ‘on the boob’ and being transferred to her cot.

You could have heard a pin drop before the torrent of remarks flew towards me. From being told that sleeping too much will stunt her development and that the sleeping habits wouldn’t last to being terrified with potentially incorrect SIDS facts and how cruel the ‘cry it out’ method is – admitting that AB was sleeping well was a bad move.

It’s not like I am reaping the benefits yet, my nights are spent wide-awake watching a small black and white monitor, which takes me back to the Summer of 2002 when I would watch Big Brother live… even when Kate Lawler and co were sleeping!18425014_10211363901125905_2267678162042249093_n

All mums have bragging rights, but as a family, we even refrain from posting too many photographs of AB on social media in case it offends or frustrates. I was merely answering a question.

For the first time I wondered if it is how formula-feeding mums feel when accosted by breastfeeding mums? But perhaps that’s a whole other blog post in itself.

The reality is that the time it has taken me to type and edit this post with one hand whilst breastfeeding, my latest post, Twitter rant and tired-looking selfie is due to a restless and teething night. Oh how the other tired mums have rejoiced!

So mums, if your baby sleeps through the night, whether it’s a one off or a new regular routine, we should feel that we can respond truthfully if asked and if we fancy it we could even brag about it.

Do you dare to admit when your child is sleeping well?



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