Wildwood, Newmarket – Slow food in the fast lane

I hate to compose a negative review so soon but we have now dined at Wildwood, Newmarket on two occasions and have been disappointed both times. The first visit was soon after their opening date so we put the experience down to teething problems. Our second visit took place on the last Sunday of January. We popped into the small chain restaurant for a quick bite expecting a tasty meal and good service. The slow service probably felt longer due to the cold restaurant area. I asked a manager if we could move due to the draft coming from both the door and the stairway but her reply was an abrupt “NO.” Yes, the restaurant was busy but she made no attempt to make us any more comfortable. There is just one door into the restaurant which means that as people leave and enter the building a strong breeze enters the room.  A thick curtain can be pulled across the entrance but I presume that as the manager was busy moving around and therefore didn’t feel the cold she didn’t care to pull it across! Admittedly the food was fine but when recalling our experience the atmosphere and service negatively taints the visit. The initial food and drink service was slow and sloppy but when the food finally arrived and we were assigned with just one waitress to bring us our food and check on us throughout the course, we both thought she was very pleasant and witty. It seems the management team let the entire place down. A venue as grand and eye catching as Wildwood, Newmarket has such potential! Add some warmth both in temperature and staff temperament and this would be a more popular place to head to! The top floor looks gorgeous – I would love to hold a drinks evening up there with a jazz pianist! Sadly, at the moment I wouldn’t feel confident that my guests would be looked after and made to feel comfortable. Have I been unlucky at my time at Wildwood, Newmarket? Tell me about your positive experience I am genuinely keen for restaurants in Newmarket to succeed!

1 thought on “Wildwood, Newmarket – Slow food in the fast lane

  1. That’s such a shame, Newmarket needs an excellent restaurant that stands out, unfortunate that wildwood couldn’t be one of them.


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