Bloom & Wild – Flowers Reimagined


As a young girl I would always be picking the prettiest flowers from the garden, putting them in a vase and proudly displaying them on our kitchen side.

Despite our garden frequently looking less colourful because of this, my Mum could appreciate my admiration for red hot pokers, daffodils and tulips! As I got older and with pocket money to spare, I would buy lots of different flowers from the shop and wrap them myself in cellophane and ribbon to present to friends and family. Six small flower sets at around £4 each would create two beautiful home-made bouquets.

And now?

Well now I know about Bloom & Wild!

“Longer lasting whole flower bouquets. Through your letterbox. At prices you won’t believe” they say on their Twitter page. Not one part of that is a lie.

Bloom and Wild have a slick and easily navigated website. Single purchase bouquets start at just £16.00. The flowers will be freshly cut on the Wednesday, neatly laid out in a box suitable for most letterboxes and delivered on a Thursday.

The novelty of receiving flowers through a letterbox just does not seem to get old and allows the recipient to be in, out, washing their hair or simply unable to get to the door to sign for a delivery.

Each stem seems to spring to life as you take it out of the box and into a vase. So far I have purchased just-because flowers, Break-a-leg flowers, Sorry flowers and Happy Birthday flowers. Now it’s about time I signed up to their subscription service! The idea of Bloom and Wild is that you subscribe to receive monthly (or weekly) flower deliveries.

Bloom and Wild subscriptions start at £13.95 per month and includes free delivery. For more information take a look at their website:

Psst: Bloom & Wild have also just partnered up with Neom Organics to offer an incredible competition prize. Find Bloom and Wild on Twitter ( ‏@BloomandWild ) or sign up to their newsletter for more details!


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