Clean Stuffed Butternut Squash with Spicy Beef and Quinoa


•1 butternut squash (halved, seeded)
• Beef, mince portion for 2
• Coconut Oil
• Chickpeas
• 1 onion
• 2tsp Cumin
• 1/2 Tsp extra hot chilli
• 2tbsp Paprika
• Handful Cherry tomatoes
• 1 cup Quinoa

Heat grill to high.

With the skin facing up place both halves of butternut squash on a baking tray under the grill for 15minutes.

Add quinoa to boiling water and cook on medium heat for 30minutes.

Turn the butternut squash, season and add 1/2tsp of coconut oil to each piece. Cook under grill for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile cook the mince on high heat for 15 minutes.

Season the mince whilst cooking. Add chopped onion, chickpeas, cumin, chilli, paprika and tomatoes.

Scoop out butternut squash flesh and chop. Mix the vegetable with the mince and quinoa and pour it into the space available in the butternut squash shell.



If you wish, add a light layer of Parmesan.

Return dish to oven for just under 5 minutes to bond/set.



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