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Newmarket Sensory Nest – Montessori inspired play

Have you heard about the NEW Montessori inspired playrooms in Newmarket?
Launched by registered Newmarket Childminder, Anna the Sensory Nest in a new experience for local children.
Featuring two rooms, the Sensory Nest is proud to inspire and excite your children whilst being ideal for their development – we cannot wait to visit!
We are very excited to invite you to our Montessori inspired SENSORY NEST where you can spend an incredible time with your kids, family, and friends. It includes two rooms: Room #1 with education activities based on โ€˜The Montessori Method of Educationโ€™ Room #2 gymnastics and sensory activities.
Maximum capacity is currently 6 people due to Covid-19 rulings. Each session is 90 minutes for just ยฃ18 per group.
Visit The Sensory Nest on Facebook for more details.

…a guilt-free night away where Iโ€™m not ๐˜ซ๐˜ถ๐˜ด๐˜ต ๐˜”๐˜ถ๐˜ฎโฃ

Me: I want a guilt-free night away where Iโ€™m not ๐˜ซ๐˜ถ๐˜ด๐˜ต ๐˜”๐˜ถ๐˜ฎโฃ
Nobody: …โฃ
Absolutely nobody: …โฃ
Favoured feeding boob: ๐’๐‡๐Ž๐—ช ๐Œ๐„ ๐“๐‡๐„ ๐๐€๐๐˜โฃ


Swimming Lessons at Newmarket Leisure Centre

Ready for a post lockdown dip?


Being surrounded by all that chlorine seems like a pleasantly sterile environment after all!
Swimming at Newmarket is back on September 7th.
I caught up with Corinne the Newmarket Swimming Co-ordinator… “We are reopening 7th Sept hopefully but we are not taking requests or having a waiting list as we are going live in September on the website for you to book into lessons directly so please book in via the website mid/end September.”

Donating Liquid Gold

Donating breast milk in Newmarket
Donating breast milk in Newmarket

As Ireland has announced that their one and only Milk Bank has just a two week supply left, I thought it would be a good time to share the news on my latest local quest.

Donating breast milk to local hospitals in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. As we do not have a maternity unit in Newmarket you could choose between donating your milk to West Suffolk Hospital or The Rosie at Addenbrookes… or both! (All of the admin is managed by the team at The Rosie.)

Over 12lbs at 9 weeks old, AB and I have sBreastfeeding Mumsettled into a good feeding routine leaving me feeling confident and keen to share my gold top goods!

Donating breast milk to our local milk bank has been incredibly easy to kick-start and simply requires an email, blood test and a breast pump.

I will share further news on the experience in a few weeks time but here is all you need to know on how to donate breast milk to local hospitals.

Email Janette (janette.clark@addenbrookes.nhs.uk) confirming the following information:

I can confirm that I have not had a tattoo in the last 12 months or a blood transfusion in the last 3 months.ย 




NHS Number:

Child’s name:

Following this you will be invited for a blood test and given a large supply of milk storage bottles.

Newmarket does not have a milk collection service yet (maybe this will be my next quest) so the only catch is that you will have to deliver your milk to the hospital every four to six weeks.

Tempted but not sure if you should donate too?

Breast milk banks are one of the reasons that more premature babies are surviving.

The BBC article explains;

“For these tiny, tiny little ones – breast milk is liquid gold, it’s liquid medicine,” said Ms McCrea.

“It’s human milk that gets their gut primed, it’s human milk that fights any infections that they can get. It constantly changes to fight all the new infections that they’re liable to have.”

She added that in some cases, donated milk could mean “the difference between life and death”.

Let us know if you will be donating your breast milk to the local milk banks too!ย 

Breastfeeding in Newmarket

I appreciate that some people can’t and respect that others might not want to but I am such a huge breastfeeding advocate! Read some of the benefits here.
Breastfeeding is by far the most challenging but rewarding task I have ever done. Latches, blocked ducts and painful let downs were just a few challenges I faced (and by the sounds of things I got off lightly)ย but this pain was nothing when compared to the priceless one on one moments I share with AB whilst I fill her with the very best nutritents the world can offer. (In six weeks AB has already gained over 3lbs!)

Don’t struggle-Get local support in Newmarketย 

The lovely Hannah became a Newmarket Mum in September 2016 and has recently set up a closed Facebook group called “Newmarket Breastfeeding Support Group.” Search for the group on Facebook and join us!

The group promotes a Newmarket weekly breastfeeding coffee morning where Mums can “meet up, have a drink, talk about boobs and feed…in a safe space.” Come along on a Wednesday between 10:00 and 11:30 at The Stables on Newmarket high street.

Also worth mentioning isย BellyBelly,ย an Australian site that I have used a lot both during pregnancy and now. They offer broad advice on many topics including breastfeeding.

Seven things I wish I knew before giving birth in Newmarket

Seven things I wish I knew before giving birth in Newmarket


I had a wonderful labour experience thanks to both Daisy Birthing classes and the incredible midwives at West Suffolk Hospital – but there are a few things I wish I knew before hand.

1. West Suffolk Hospital do not allow you to plug any devices into their power sockets.

Arm yourself with charging blocks so you can keep your mobile, iPad, kindle etc charged throughout your stay. The tv’s are terrible so you will definitely need to bring your own entertainment.

2. Call the nurseries now (!) 

I didn’t (and still haven’t) called the nurseries in the Newmarket area. (Look here for more information on Newmarket nurseries.) With waiting lists longer than the queue for Deniro’s on a bank holiday weekend in the early noughties, call as soon as you’ve had your twelve week scan if you want to get a place reserved.

3. Newborn photoshoots

We were too late to get the adorable curled up, sleepy and snoozy photographs of AB. Book now to “avoid disappointment” as it’s amazing how quickly your LO will become more alert and too big to achieve the desired effect. We adore and highly recommend Peter Denness (he took our wedding photographs) but he doesn’t specialise in baby photography. If we had got out act into gear quicker we would have used Charlotte Potter over at Million Dollar Faces. 

4. Newborn babies go through more baby grows in hospital than you might think.

The wonderful midwives and healthcare assistants were quick to encourage me to change AB’s outfit any time she had made it wet… wee or sick(!) With an unexpected extra night on the ward, I soon ran out of outfits so had to use the spares they had available.

I’ve bagged up the outfits that are now too small for AB and plan to donate them to the ward for other Mum’s in the same situation!

5. The friends you make in pre-natal classes are so valuable.

(More to follow on Daisy Birthing classes.) Having such a strong friendship group already, I never thought I would be someone who would want to make new “mummy” friends. A group of women that potentially only have pregnancy/newborns in common didn’t sound particularly appealing. I met four ladies during my six week birthing class and they have been such valuable, supportive and wonderful people to have around. Our Whatsapp group is used as much during the graveyard feeding hours as it is during daylight hours – we laugh together, cry together and share stories that can never be repeated!

6. Knowing which health care professional to call and at what time (It can be really confusing.)

I must admit that it was more confusing for me as due to my postcode I had all pre-natal care from West Suffolk and all post-natal care from Addenbrookes/the Lilac team. (E.g Newmarket hospital/West Suffolk hospital/Foley house whilst pregnant and Addenbrookes / Bottisham Children’s centre now AB is here!)

Despite being handed over to a Cambridgeshire team, when I ripped my episiotomy stitch on day three – ouch (!) I headed back over to West Suffolk and continued to receive fantastic service so firstly, do not worry about contacting the “right” team – just pick up the phone!

Here are a list of numbers for both Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

7. No matter how many classes you attend or how many books you read, you can’t fully prepare to become a mummy!

There will always be things that you didn’t find out about, fully understand or take on board. I was surprised by the following (it’s worth Googling):

Being induced – exactly what it does to you and your contractions

After pains

How to pee after labour

The truth about breast feeding – the most challenging but rewarding thing I have ever done

Glamour – or lack of. Swiping across my face with a bit of foundation made me feel so much better each day but using nappies to deal with my leaking boobs, wearing granny pants, holding frozen tena pads against my under carriage and weeing in the bath wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.