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How to put the Gingle back into Christmas with a house full of adults

I recently read a (sarcastic) article on Buzzfeed called “23 Ways To Make Christmas Magic When You’re A Grown-Up”

The light hearted post definitely put a smile on my face (once the GIF’s had finally loaded) but the subject was one I had often thought of during the run up to Christmas. The festive season definitely changes as the children turn into young, or not so young, adults! Beautiful babies are entering into a few of our friends families now but the youngest member of the Horncastle family is 15 and to be honest sometimes she is the most mature one!

This year there will be nine of us sitting up at my Mum and Dad’s dining table on Christmas day and I’m not sure which one of us is most excited about it. I have siblings that I often mistake as my best friends, the perfect other half, an in-law I adore, parents that are incredible and the most wonderful grandparents… but none of them are likely to squeal with delight at the thought of Santa coming down the chimney nor will they receive endless games and toys that we can spend all day building and playing with.

So why am I not worried about a possible lack of festive giddiness? Putting the gingle back into Christmas


Not only will my Mum prepare the tastiest Christmas lunch with every trimming possible but each couple will bring a Gin with its relevant condiment.

Spoiler alert: The boy and I plan to bring our favourite gin, Caorunn which is best enjoyed with red apple.

I’m quite confident that this liquid delight will make this a Christmas not to forget but perhaps also one we will struggle to remember!

Another sure-fire way to get into the Christmas spirit this year is to have a PANTO to look forward to and guess what?! I will be playing Princess Jasmine in NOMADS 2015 pantomime, Aladdin. The Saturday matinee is already sold out so be quick to buy your tickets here: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/nomads/events