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Local Theatre: Acorn Antiques – The Musical!

Acorn Antiques – The Musical!


Directed by Eric Maguire

Musical Direction by Mark Aldous

Choreography by Andy Thorpe

 Limited chances left to see this tickling musical. Book your tickets here: http://nomads.ticketsource.co.uk

Last night I headed to a venue that felt like home between the ages of 13 and 18, The Kings Theatre. NOMADS are currently mid-way through their run of the very funny,  Acorn Antiques – the musical by comedian Victoria Wood.

Acorn Antiques developed from a cult sketch in one of comedian, Victoria Wood’s TV series into a full-length musical.

Without sharing any spoilers there is a serious sense of fun throughout the show but it is also, quite simply, a really good musical!

The cast work well to maintain a good pace whilst keeping the audience engaged and laughing. The TV version of the show purposely missed cues and delivered corny gags directly to the audience. The NOMADS cast did exactly this. Slapstick comedy is no easy task but the talent of the actors on stage and even in the wings (the Hartley duo) meant that this purposely cheesy acting was successfully achieved!

The entire cast deserve a huge pat on the back but I must mention the fantastic performances by both Kate Nolan as Mrs O and Tim McCormick as Mr Clifford. The timing and delivery of their lines complimented with their exceptional acting had the audience in absolute stitches. Both Nolan and McCormick showed huge singing talent in their numbers with Mr Clifford moving the audience with his rendition of Find Her and Mrs O making the audience fall off their seats with her hilarious rendition of Macaroons.

The show runs until Saturday 24th May so buy your tickets before it’s too late: http://nomads.ticketsource.co.uk