Keeping baby and Mum cool during hot weather

Remember the Summer of 2017? It happened for about ten days, a few weeks back. We all frantically went out and bought fans and paddling pools just before the more traditional June/July/Wimbledon weather hit.

Well, rumour has it, we are due some warmer weather again, so this time round I am determined to be more prepared.

We shared some top tips over on my Facebook page and have highlighted five of the best ones below.

Open up the loft hatch. As hot hair rises – this gives the humidity and heat somewhere to escape to (so they say!) It seemed to work for us anyway.

Having a cooler/tepid bath cooled and calmed AB down before bed. “They” advise not to keep babies in a cooler bath for too long so they don’t get chilly but I loved laying in the cool water once she had gone to sleep. My absolute favourite bath oil is made by Olverum.Ā Not only does it aid aching muscles, the smell is incredibly relaxing and it leaves my skin so soft.

Reconsider bedding. We removed AB’s waterproof mattress protector as it got incredibly sticky in the heat but we have also now purchased a 0.5tog sleeping bag which is so thin it can be used during our heatwaves and in hotter climates abroad. My favourite sleeping bags are the Grobags from The Gro Company and I frequently spot them in the clearance section of TkMaxx or Mothercare!

Placing a bowl of iced water in front of a fan. As suggested by one of Newmarket’s best Nannies, Louise Galloway this trick creates a refreshing, air conditioning feel and is great in both the nursery and my own bedroom.

Use the black-out blind all day. As lovely as it is to see the sunshine beaming through the nursery windows, lots of Newmarket Mum’s recommend keeping the black out blind closed all day so that the room does not get too hot during the day.

What are your top tips to keep both Mum and LO cool during the warmer weather?

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