Coconut Oil – A Clean Eating Must!

For anyone that is looking to “eat clean”, cooking with Coconut Oil is an absolute must. Unfortunately, the cost of most jars of Coconut oil is extortionate!

The Coconut Oil found in the ‘Cooking oil’ section is an eye catching jar that will set you back £6.00!

Dig deeper… today I found myself in the ‘World Food’ isle in Tesco Bar Hill.

It was there that I found a 500ml jar of Pure Coconut Oil for just £2.20! More ‘Coconutty-goodness’ for a cheaper price! #HappyBargainHunter.


No one is pretending that the packaging is even half as nice as my previous Coconut Oil purchase but at that price I couldn’t care less.

The catch is that the small ‘World Food’ section in Newmarket is unlikely to stock this so let me know if you would like me to pick you some up as Tesco Bar Hill is opposite my head office!


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