Clean Eating

The theory behind “Clean Eating” is eating food in its most natural state. It’s nothing new – in fact it’s probably how your grandparents cooked when they were young!

The difference between methods is that “Clean eating” has a lean element to it which is why you will see less “bad” carbs and more quinoa, brown rice and sweet potato and also cooking aids such as Coconut oil.

It is not a diet but a way of life!

Iceland Ostrich Fillet with braised balsamic red cabbage


Clean Japanese Chicken Curry


Clean Vindaloo Curry


Clean Thai Beef and Lemongrass Rice

The Horses Mouth | Clean Thai beef with Lemongrass Rice

Clean Turkey Chilli 

Clean Turkey Chilli

Clean Chicken Masala

Chicken Masala

Orange and Ginger beef stir fry.

photo 2

Clean Sweet Potato Balti


Coconut Oil – A Clean Eating Must


Clean stuffed Butternut Squash with Spicy Beef and Quinoa


Clean Seared Balsamic Venison with Asparagus and Roasted Vegetable QuinoaSeared Balsamic Venison with Asparagus and Vegetable Quinoa

Clean Spicy Cod with brown rice

Spicy Cod

Clean Pork and Apple Burgers

Pork and Apple Burgers

Boiled Eggs with Salmon and Asparagus Dippers

Boiled egg with Salmon and Asparagus dippers

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